Endless Hills Zule Pursuivant Herald – Sir Murdoch Bayne

The Arms of Endless Hills

Per fess indented azure, goutté d’eau, and vert, in base a laurel wreath Or.

A Brief History of Endless Hills

On January 24th Anno Societatis XXXII, being 1998 in the modern age, the Shire of Endless Hills ceased to be and the Barony of Endless Hills was born.  The most obvious difference between a Shire and a Barony is the presence of a Baron, a Baroness, or both. On that snowy day, the first Baron of the Endless Hills, Tigranes of Bezabde was invested.

One right and duty of a Baron/ess is to create and bestow awards to the worthy citizens of the group they have been entrusted to look after.  Baron Tigranes hit the ground running and did just that.

On this page, we will be looking at the awards, orders, and recognitions created and granted in the Endless Hills by Baron Tigranes and the Barons and Baronesses that have come after him from the birth of the Barony to the present day. Specifically the history, heraldry, meaning, and evolution.

All awards and recognitions are given at the sole discretion of the reigning Baron/ess and can be bestowed multiple times to the same recipient. The decision as to who should receive awards and recognitions is based on the observations of the Baron/ess and the recommendations of the populace. Anyone, citizen of the Barony or not, has the right to recommend any deserving person to the Baron/ess for any award.

Baron Murdoch Bayne, OP, KSCA

Endless Hills Order of Precedence

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