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Looking for that one of a kind product? Need to learn a new technique? Well look no further!

Below are just a few links of the finest places to get things done online!
Check them out!

Garb Research:

Elizabethan Costuming
Drea Leed’s all-inclusive site on Elizabethan costume.

Italian Costuming
Lots of portraits, how-to’s and the Italian Showcase.

Reconstructing History
Lots of garb, patterns and information dedicated to clothing history.

SCA Persona Sheets


Medieval Cookery
Lots of on-line cookbooks and recipes.

Comprehensive site for all things to do with medieval cooking.

Ultimate Cooking Resource Guide:


SCA Online Demo
The name says it all! A great resource for doing an Demo.

Milica and Justin’s Pennsic Adventure
First Pennsic? Check this out for a great explaination of what to expect!

Stefan’s Florilegium
An online resource of lots of information.

Band Guns Online
Good place to find Rubber Band Guns

Psaltery Dreams Renaissance Craft Shoppe
All things Renaissance

Rubber Band Gun For use in SCA Fencing
Another good site for Rubber Band Guns

Baroness Euriol Web Pages: Personal Page and Medieval Cooking

More links are coming soon!

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