Endless Hills New Years Resolutions!

This is a PSA (Po Service Announcement) from Steel Therapy…
New Year’s… You’ve stuffed yourself full.. You’ve dealt with family and friends, partied (or drunk, or danced, read, napped, whatever… ) all the way to midnight, and then snogged anyone within range…
…and now, what you really need is to Stab someone.. Or many someones… Luckily…
Donnan has a Party… Cyrus has an Academy… and Po… has New Year’s Resolutions! “Fence MORE! More fencing is MORE FENCING!”
As has become the tradition, we’ll give the New Year 12 hours head start and then come after it, smiling with rapiers in hand! We’ll have space for fencing and/or rattan, and tables for camaraderie. I’m sure the Endless Voices will be singing in the corner somewhere… There will be time for tourneys and pickups.. games and shmoozing.. and who knows what else! (Steel Therapy as always is already conspiring tourney ideas.. Heh heh heh heh heh)
By the way- this is an open, sanctioned event.. feel free to invite people… while there will be no charge, we’ll ask folk to help as we pass the hat.. lol.
Due to COVID restrictions, masks will be required. Please be prepared to show proof of vaccination or negative test within 72 hours of event. We will not be doing the pot-luck but there will be multiple food options available in the mall adjoining.
We’ll be starting at Noon, January 1st, 2022 going through 8:00 pm at:
Ovation Theatre Performance Space in the old Sears building in the Wyoming Valley Mall
29 Wyoming Valley Mall
Wilkes Barre, PA 18702
Autocrat for this event is Master Po Silvertop


Regularly Scheduled Activities

Rapier & Heavy Weapons Practices (Steel Therapy): Every Tuesday evening at 6:30 pm at Ovation Playhouse, 75 Stark St, Hudson PA, 2nd floor.

Contact the Captain of Fence or the Knight Marshal for more details.

Endless Hills Thespians & Bards: Every Thursday evening at 7 pm, at the home of Lord Nicolo, 1011 Crown Ave, Scranton, PA . Contact Lord Nicolo for more details.

Sewing Circle: Every 3rd Wednesday of the month, at the home of Dame Katernya, 1119 Springbrook Ave, Moosic, PA

For more information about overall activities, contact our  Chatelaine.

Medieval and Renaissance Demos

Are you an activities coordinator, Scout leader, teacher, or anyone else interested in a live demonstration of Medieval life? Our volunteer members are happy to showcase skills such as armor-making, mock combat in armor, fencing, calligraphy and illumination, fiber arts such as embroidery and costume making, talks about medieval history and daily life, and much more. Demos are free of charge; donations are accepted but not expected.

Please contact Our Chatelaine for more information.